Belami eCommerce sees 40% increase in data quality with harpin AI



Belami eCommerce struggled with disorganized customer identity data, an ineffective order-centric system, and hundreds of thousands of invalid profiles, hampering their decision-making process.


With harpin AI’s toolkit, Belami eCommerce transformed it’s order-centric data system into a customer-focused view – improving improved data quality, reducing costs, and strengthening security.


Belami eCommerce struggled to organize its customer identity data and interpret meaningful  insights, hindered by an order-centric system and hundreds of thousands of invalid profiles.

Belami’s team handles a large amount of customer data, with numerous marketing channels and substantial annual order volume. While all data flowed into one system, it was organized by order, rather than customer, making it difficult to evaluate and use as a springboard for decision-making. 

“We were preparing a board deck and trying to explain changes we’d seen quarter over quarter, but it was really difficult to even access baseline customer data,” said Todd Johnson, President of Belami eCommerce. “This made it tough to clearly articulate our growth and pull out any actionable information like customer lifetime value, high-value segments and customer spend.”

Given the volume of data collected, they were also at high risk of errors and inaccuracies, such as duplicates, test/junk data or invalid emails. 

Belami needed a way to reduce operating costs and build a unified picture of their customers that could drive decision-making. Enter harpin AI, the smart identity data toolkit.


With harpin AI, Belami transformed their team’s approach to data, pinpointing data quality issues, unifying orders, and understanding Customer Lifetime Value for the first time. 

Harpin AI’s toolkit extracted data from Belami’s systems using one of its 1000+ pre-built API connectors. After processing millions of records, the team found innumerable data quality issues.

Using AI tools that handle error detection, matching and monitoring, harpin AI scrubbed the inaccurate data and delivered a large cache of certified profiles. They also found and certified even more customer profiles from transaction data (such as abandoned carts). 

By leveraging Belami’s complete and hydrated profile data to calculate Total Lifetime Revenue for each consumer, harpin AI was also able to publish this information into a centralized Dynamics data warehouse and quickly calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). 

Belami can now slice and segment CLTV by sales channel, customer type and more. 

For the first time, I’m able to make informed real-time decisions based on customer lifetime value. harpin AI has changed the game with our data quality, authenticity and integrity.

Todd Johnson, President, Belami eCommerce

How harpin AI powerful toolkit re-shaped Belami’s data

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Data Repair

Created viable customer profiles without manual effort from the team

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Data Synchronization

Automated the processing of publishing Belami’s accurate customer profile data to their Microsoft Dynamics Customer Data Platform, restructuring their core order database into a customer-centric view 

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Discovery of potential security breaches that gave insight into weaknesses in security and future intrusion points


Harpin AI drove a 40% increase in quality for Belami’s existing account database, unifying their identity data under customer profiles and allowing for better strategic planning and analysis. 

“Harpin AI totally changed our approach to handling account setup, security, and data collection – and they did it rapidly without costly implementation,” said Johnson. 

Johnson sees the potential of these changes across the org. Marketing will be able to segment customer profile data into usable datasets based on customer spending patterns. Sales can focus efforts on high-value customers. And, IT can use the data for sharper forecasting.

“Now everyone, from marketing to the CEO, can tap into accurate data and make smarter, faster decisions,” said Johnson.

Going forward, harpin AI will be able to build an automated pipe of data into Belami’s Microsoft data tables –  reducing the time-consuming manual process that exists today.

For the first time, I’m able to make informed real-time decisions based on customer lifetime value. harpin AI has changed the game with our data quality, authenticity and integrity.

Todd Johnson, President, Belami eCommerce

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