Powerful identity data tools that improve your customer data tech stack

Harpin AI improves your identity data pipelines, elevating data quality and delivering enriched identity profiles that your business can rely on.

Purpose-built to solve identity data challenges

Data leaders often juggle fragmented, siloed data systems, with inconsistencies and errors that hike up operating costs and make it impossible to find meaningful insights or deliver positive customer experiences.

It’s like trying to finish a puzzle with missing pieces.

Harpin AI continuously elevates the accuracy and hygiene of your customer data.

Product - Extract data diagram

Easily connect to your data sources and manage those connections over time.


  • 1000+ pre-built connectors for easy data ingest & mapping
  • Rapid processing of millions of records in just a few hours
  • Supports batch and streaming of data
Product - Monitor and detect

Observe the quality of your data with continuous monitoring, error detection, and alerts. 


  • We index and monitor each of your data sources alerting you of anomalies and issues
  • Intuitive dashboards for understanding data quality issues and where they come from
  • Automated data repair tools for resolving data quality issues
Product - Score unity

Access a resolved, reliable, accurate and enriched view of your identities.


  • Continuous identity resolution of PII and event data
  • Private data network for identity validation and certification
  • Real-time profiles, scored with a unique, highly accurate methodology based on AI/ML
  • Search, categorize and tagging to create the data sets you need
Product - Sync publish graphic

Automatically publish certified identity datasets to your business systems and analytical tools. 


  • Pre-built connectors into your cloud data warehouse for secure data sharing.
  • API Library allows you to securely set-up initial connections and subscribe to get real-time updates, keeping data sets in synch.
  • Salesforce Connector, an app featured on the Salesforce AppExchange. Harpin AI is a proud Salesforce ISV partner. 

Our technology can be deployed headless or as a toolkit integrated into your current workflows.

Learn how data flows through harpin AI to improve your database quality and access

AI and ML are the twin engines of our toolkit

Sophisticated identity resolution models

Models are trained for three dimensional space – people, time and space – creating more accurate results across massive unstructured data sets.

Architected for speed, accuracy and efficiency

Built from the ground up to leverage the latest advancements in AI, ML and indexing to minimize the cost of managing your identity data pipelines.

A new frictionless approach

Our non-deterministic AI-based algorithms give you better results from day one. Just plug it in and it works. No time consuming rule set-up required

Product - Salesforce sync graphic

Harpin AI’s Salesforce Connector- live on the Salesforce AppExchange

Easily automate Salesforce record clean-up and achieve continuous reconciliation that improves data quality:

  • Quickly extract Salesforce contacts, with fast upload at even larger volumes
  • Organize, score, certify and enrich profiles with key details for a consolidated customer view
  • Publish accurate data back to Salesforce, minimizing duplicate or inaccurate records

100% focused on making your identity data smarter

  • Rapid ingestion and insights in days, strategic findings within a month.
  • Low code deployment with thousands of pre-built API connectors.
  • Domain expertise from industry experts with decades of experience.
  • ML/AI-powered identity resolution with a flexible non-deterministic approach for your data.
  • Configurable tools & automated workflows tailored to your company’s needs.

For the first time, I’m able to make informed real-time decisions based on customer lifetime value. Harpin AI has changed the game with our data quality, authenticity and integrity.

Todd Johnson, President, Belami eCommerce

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