Navigating identity challenges? Let’s tackle them together

Managing identity data as a strategic asset can be demanding. With years of domain experience and advanced data chops, harpin AI’s Client Services team is here to help.


of data decision makers say data quality
improvements are a top priority

-Forrester Consulting

Stronger identity data leads to improved customer experiences, revenue gains, less wasted spend and faster, more informed decision-making across sales, marketing, operations and IT.

That’s why we built harpin AI’s Client Services.

Your vision + our team = an identity data powerhouse 

Your identity data tech stack deserves the best. Our experienced team of Architects, Engineers, Data Scientists and Program Managers, combined with our proprietary tools and processes, extends your team’s capabilities, improves efficiency, and expands the value of your customer data. With offerings from managed services, advanced analytics, strategy and architecture definition and systems integration, we support the entire identity data lifecycle.

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What we offer

Technical architecture evaluation

Review existing technical infrastructure and data flows between your existing technical ecosystem.  We’ll work with you to design a phased improvement plan to align your technology strategy with your business and data strategies. 

Data analysis & optimization

Enhance the value of your 1st and 2nd-party customer identity data, address potential security vulnerabilities and tackle process roadblocks. We evaluate your data’s quality and integrity, providing a comprehensive report and an action plan designed to hone your performance and meet strategic objectives.

Identity compliance

Understand the role of identity management in supporting compliance with CCPA, GDPR and future consumer privacy regulations.

Systems integration

We handle integration, configuration, and ongoing management of systems that house identity data, so they work as one to deliver the best possible customer experience outcomes. 

Advanced analytics

Design and deploy custom AI analytics and performance measurement models, using a blend of your identity data (CRM, CDP, Product and Operational) and harpin AI’s profile data. At the core of our services is robust data science expertise, with sophisticated analysis and measurement tailored to your needs and focused on actionable insights and results. 

Enterprise identity strategy and objectives

Outline business objectives, data strategy, and key performance metrics to dramatically improve your customer data strategy.

Managed services

Connect harpin AI’s tools to your data sources for insights on past performance, real-time personalization, and future predictions on customer behavior. Our team provides managed services, backed by AI and ML-powered tools, to drive efficiencies in your technology stack.

Our approach

Explore our services delivery approach designed and battle tested to provide confidence, consistency and efficiency to each of our services engagements.


  • Evaluation of existing and/or needed tools to meet your business needs
  • Data and integration strategy mapped to business objectives


  • Discovery and design of data flows and integrations
  • Customer experience roadmap development  
  • User journey planning


  • Deployment and implementation of designed solutions 
  • Performance taxonomy and metrics


  • Managed services to optimize the deployment of people, process and technology


  • Management of day-to-day operations of the delivered solutions
  • Project management
  • Documentation & Training

We work with your existing stack

Don’t worry – we’ll never tell you to start over. We’ll use the systems you’ve already invested in, along with our smart toolkit, to improve your data quality and accessibility.

Meet our team of experts

30 years industry expertise in hospitality, retail and eCommerce.

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