Take back control of
your identity data

Consumer brands struggle to efficiently manage their identity data. Harpin AI delivers reliable identity data pipelines essential to enable ROI-based outcomes.

Today’s leaders face daily
hurdles with their identity data

Simplifying identity data quality management

Can you observe your data connections in real-time? Do you have access to the data sets you need? Is it time consuming to consolidate data sources for simple analytics?

Increasing the accuracy and value of your identity data

Is it easy for you to enrich your identity data with transactional information? Can you link anonymous activity to known customer profiles? Do you have a spiderweb of homegrown rules and complex algorithms for matching profiles across your organization?

Pinpointing data quality issues and taking action

Are you confident in the quality of your identity data? Do you know the cost of data storage across your systems? Can you isolate sources of risk and PII breaches?

Maximizing your investment in customer-facing applications

Does your tech stack (CRM, CDP, DW, Martech, etc.) work efficiently and effectively for you? Are your downstream systems starved for high-quality data? Do you have a way to create targeted identity data pipelines?

Tackling these issues requires improving quality at every step

Solutions - Value

Unlock the value of your data faster than ever, no matter the complexity or volume

Our smart identity toolkit ingests and processes your identity data quickly. No data set is too big: We can extract millions of records in real-time, allowing you to understand and improve the quality of your customer database and act on insights without delay.

Improve the accuracy of your identity data

Our AI-based toolset organizes and evaluates your data, spotting and addressing any quality hiccups, like duplicates or false records. Error detection and matching tools weed out these inaccuracies – and then we give your database (and each user) an always up-to-date quality score, so you’re consistently informed about the accuracy of your accounts.

Solutions - Accuracy
Solutions - Protect

Protect your business from bad identity data

Bad data not only costs your organization millions each year, it can also result in compliance risks. Our advanced tools keep an eye on your data over time, allowing your team to step in and mitigate issues while avoiding spiraling costs and inefficiencies from an inflated, inaccurate database.

Reduce your data ownership costs through automation

Streamline operations and put resources to better use. Our customizable toolkit employs automated workflows to monitor data quality and alert your team when their attention is needed – freeing up their time for other valuable tasks.

Solutions - Reduce

Extend the value of your existing technology investments

Patchwork solutions and legacy systems are a major thorn in your side. Harpin AI syncs automatically with your downstream systems, publishing clean data back to these tools in a secure, customizable manner, and improving the quality of data across your business.

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