How Morey’s Piers boosted data quality to upgrade its guest experience



Morey’s Piers struggled with disorganized and duplicate identity data, making it difficult to personalize guest services and marketing efforts. 


By teaming up with BlueGator Consulting and harpin AI, Morey’s Piers significantly improved their data quality, access, and authenticity, upgrading guest experiences and increasing operational efficiency.


Morey’s Piers, a popular amusement park, found themselves in the middle of an identity data crisis. The park annually gathers tens of millions of pieces of customer data, from ride transactions and park passes to food and beverage and parking services.

The data, which is crucial for personalizing guest experiences and streamlining operations, was filled with inaccuracies and duplications.

“We didn’t know who anybody was,” said Tyler Jacobs, Guest Engagement Leader at Morey’s Piers. “You end up with 12 different versions of one person, who might not even be real. We weren’t able to do any personalization. We weren’t even able to send an email with their name.”

Complicating matters, there was no clear home for this data flowing in. “We had a data lake that wasn’t very organized, and very few of us actually knew how to use it.”

To better centralize data, Jacobs’ team made the decision to implement Salesforce Service and Marketing Clouds, but problems persisted with a disconnect between these systems and others. 


To get the most out of their Salesforce investment, Jacobs brought in BlueGator, a Salesforce consulting partner, and harpin AI, a smart toolkit that uses AI and machine learning to enhance the quality, authenticity, and integrity of identity data.

Once harpin AI processed Morey’s data, they found that 20% of the profiles were duplicate or inaccurate.

“Harpin AI was able to move faster and identify more duplicates with less lift and higher output than other tools,” said TJ Christenen, Owner of BlueGator. “They identified 30%+ more duplicates than other Salesforce duplication tools. When we presented those findings to Morey’s, they were super excited and immediately flipped from other tools to harpin AI.” 

Harpin AI also went beyond identity resolution to transform inaccurate, erroneous data into a cost-saving, revenue-driving asset that feeds into sales, marketing, and operational strategies.


With BlueGator and harpin AI, the Morey’s team significantly enhanced the quality of their identity data, allowing them to improve guest services, personalized marketing and data efficiency. 

“We are able to connect the dots between our systems and add layers of usability,” said Jacobs. “Now, our team in guest services can see a guest’s complete history of interactions with us and provide a better experience. That’s ultimately what everybody’s looking for.” 

The implementation also brought efficiency gains. “If we are getting clean data in, our storage costs and other fees can be reduced,” says Jacobs. 

Christensen highlighted the transformation Morey’s has gone through: “You can probably only get to 80-90% identity resolution with a more deterministic, rules-based approach. Because harpin AI is using advanced AI and ML, you can get closer to a 100 percent identity resolution over time.”

“I think that harpin AI has super cool technology,” said Jacobs. “It’s certainly got a place with us. It really solves this difficult problem with getting this data to be clean in a quick, easy way.” 

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