Revolutionize Your Data Quality with Harpin AI’s Advanced AI/ML and Real-Time Data Pre-Processing

Unlock the value of your data with harpin AI’s smart toolkit

Costly, ineffective data management hinders your ability to make identity-driven decisions. It’s time to move beyond patchwork solutions and get a clear view of your data.

Improve the integrity, quality and authenticity of your consumer identity data using advanced AI and ML tools, all readily available in harpin AI’s easy-to-deploy toolkit.

Accessible, accurate customer identity data – at your fingertips.

Cost effectively and efficiently consolidate fragmented data into certified profiles. Leverage monitoring and error detection that automatically alerts your team when things go wrong. Advanced AI/ML algorithms make this data dream a reality.

Rapidly extract, organize, enrich and publish

With a frictionless approach designed & architected to easily deploy into your existing stack, we deliver value in a matter of a few short days.

Diagram that demonstrates the flow of data from various brands to the harpin AI toolkit resulting in Unified Customer Identities

Unleash the value of your data tech stack

Supercharge your marketing, sales and operational business objectives by automatically publishing reliable and accurate data to mission-critical systems. Or, ask our toolset to create any dataset or cohort you need.

Extract and publish from 1000s of systems

(it feels like magic, but it’s just solid engineering)

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We take security & data privacy seriously

Safeguarding your data is in our DNA, with rigorous strategies around security, threat detection, and data privacy.


backed infrastructure with top-tier encryption and controlled access


certified proactive monitoring and instant threat response

Committed adherence to


Get accurate data, faster

No endless onboarding required

Test-drive harpin AI with a 21-day free trial, tailored to your business, and designed to deliver meaningful identity insights within days, not weeks or months.